Friday, April 9, 2010

Well, here's another photo that I think turned out pretty neat looking. Taken at my Dad's over Easter.
I'm off to the city again, no "Michael's" for me, I've banned myself again, well for a little while, lol.
I won't have my computer for a few days, my wonderful brother is beefing it up for me, so I'll be very happy once I get it back, although will definately miss it when it's gone, what a addiction!! I plan on attending scrapbooking all day tomorrow so that should feed the need. In the meantime I'll be busy working on some new creations and will do some posts next week. All you fabulous bloggers have given me such great ideas.

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  1. i can't live without my computer either, so no worries, you're totally normal! lol

    I also bann myself from Michaels, if you're meaning the craft supply store......i spend way too much money way too easily there!

    ciao bella
    happy creating...blogland is definatley inspiring!

    creative carmelina!


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