Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Very Important Cause

Welcome to the "Wishes for Bella Blog Hop- Week 1".....
(with a bonus of blog candy!)
There are a couple of reasons for this blog hop:
1. To share the story of strength & courage of an 8 yr old girl &
2.To ask you to help her & her family in any way you can.

Meet Bella.........

You can read Bella's story here.
This vibrant-little-8 yr old-third grade-gymnast was struck with a near fatal illness on Easter Sunday 2010. She fought hard for 5 days in a comatose state & survived, but along with her survival came significant loss. As the near fatal infection caused extensive tissue damage, she had to undergo quadruple amputation surgery..................changing Bella forever.
head over to Corry's blog to get more information and see her card for Bella. The blog hop order list is there as well, so you can start from the beginning.

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