Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm a winner

I'm really really thrilled. I was chosen as one of the runners-up for the Sew Many Challenges- Cute Creatures, Christmas in May theme this past week. Of course the adorable 'Morley the Moose' really contributed as well. lol.
I've been soooo darn busy this past week, and actually took a vacation day today. My four year old granddaughter, Alexa, has been missing her Nana. Sooo, we had a 'Nana' day. We went shopping, checked out the new greenhouse and bought some plants. We stopped at a friends to play and then went to Hillside Beach for a small picnic on the hot sand. Of course, ice cream on the way home. Tub, supper, and now she's watching 'Cinderella' and eating strawberries, life just can't get any better. We should both be good for a few days now. Until the next Nana day (that's what she calls them). I plan on putting together her own crafting kits so that she can card-make with me, should be fun.

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  1. Congrats Deb, your card was awesome! Sounds like you had a fun Nana day. And what a perfect day!


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